Enjoying Simple Pleasures

The recent snow in Ohio has been a source of great enjoyment for Jeff. He was able to go outside three times while snow was on the ground, and each time he was moved by the experience:

“JUST CAME BACK IN FROM OUTSIDE!!!!! 🙂 It sure is nice out there!!! Some of the snow piles were to my waist though!!! I just kicked the snow as I was walking to make myself a path!!!! It’s 20 degrees so that’s not bad considering I have PLENTY of clothes!!!! Just walked around, looked up at the sky and watched the clouds… ”

“Simply listened to the quiet!! I heard tires humming on the freeway, the dripping of water because it was 39 this time out, and a dog barking some, and then some starlings doing their thing. I just sat on the picnic table and enjoyed the sunshine!!! There was plenty of that this time. It’s just so peaceful… “

“It was snowing sooo hard for about a half hour and I totally enjoyed being out in it!!! Just watched the snowflakes drift down as free as could be! Just like when I watch the birds fly!!! All so very simple things in life I NEVER took the time to enjoy before. However, NOW I DO!!!!… “

Richard Glossip, on death row in Oklahoma, echoes Jeff’s sentiments. He was interviewed a week before his scheduled executionwhich has now been stayed:

“I love British comedies. Especially this one called “Last of the Summer Wine.” It’s these three guys, these old buddies who have been friends for years and years since school. And it’s about the things they enjoy, like climbing a hill and lying in the grass. They don’t need cars, homes, all that fancy stuff. They just need a cup of tea or to go lie on a hill somewhere.

And you watch that, it makes you realize you didn’t need all them things in life either. All you need to live is a simple life. A simple life will always be the best.”

He adds:

“What I want everyone to know is that I’m innocent. Whether they end up executing me or not, that’s beside the point.”

Like Glossip, Jeff claims to be carrying the extra burden of being innocent on death row. And in that desperate situation he, like, Glossip, has discovered what is important in life.

Perhaps this is a lesson for us all.

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