“It’s not going to happen.”

Joe Deters, the prosecutor in Jeffrey Wogenstahl’s case, has asked Justice O’Neill to remove himself from Jeff’s case because of his opposition to the death penalty.

Legal expert, Martin Pinales, stated categorically, “It’s not going to happen.”
He explained that the Ohio Supreme Court’s new ruling to grant a new briefing was extremely uncommon:
“He said the court might be “very troubled” about some evidence in the case, perhaps hair analysis evidence. At that time, a person was able to take a microscope and look at 2 pieces of hair samples and say, ‘Ah, they look alike, so it must have been from the same person,'” he said. “That is all way past, and hair analysis samples are absolutely junk science now.”

Deters was responsible for extensive prosecutorial misconduct in Jeff’s case. It is high time for Jeff to be heard. O’Neill must remain.

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