Oral Argument: April 4, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 will be an important day for Jeffrey Wogenstahl. Oral argument has been scheduled for that day,* to consider whether his Ohio trial court lacked jurisdiction to try him (Jeff has a strong case that because the state decided the victim was killed in the state of Indiana, he should have been tried in Indiana).

If the Ohio Supreme Court agrees with Jeff, it could declare his trial court’s decision void.** He could then be granted a new trial in Indiana.

Jeff has always claimed innocence: a new trial would allow him to pursue this claim. In Indiana he would avoid the Ohio prosecutors who committed misconduct during his 1993 trial. And he is now in possession of significant, potentially exculpatory information that was withheld from him and the jury during his original trial.

We trust the oral argument will convince the judges. We trust Jeff will be granted a new trial in Indiana.

*See the Supreme Court of Ohio Case Information, 1995-0042: State of Ohio v. Jeffrey A. Wogenstahl, entry for 01/24/2017). 
**See Merit Brief of Appellant Jeffrey Wogenstahl, filed August 1, 2016 (P. 11 of whole document).
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