‘Indiana’ Claim in Ohio Supreme Court

Last week the Ohio Supreme Court granted Jeffrey Wogenstahl’s motion to ‘vacate execution date and to re–open direct appeal’. A further court announcement came today: Jeff’s case will not have to go back to the lower court. Instead, it will be considered directly by the Ohio Supreme Court. This will speed up proceedings considerably.

If the court’s ruling proves unfavorable to Jeff, he has the right of appeal to the federal court.

The motion granted by the Ohio Supreme Court relates to Jeff’s claim that his murder trial should not have been held in Ohio. Because the prosecution decided the victim was murdered in Indiana, Jeff should have been tried in Indiana. Today’s announcement indicates the court’s recognition that urgency is needed to resolve this issue.

Jeff is making a separate, unrelated claim that he was unjustly convicted, and is innocent. This claim, a strong one, is ongoing in the courts. 

In a death penalty case, any new announcement must cause emotional turmoil.  Jeff has had his hopes dashed so many times that it is hard for him to be hopeful now; on the other hand, he knows that a new trial in Indiana is possible. And the issue could be decided soon.

We wish Jeff a peaceful weekend.

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