Many Positives

Death penalty opponents, including Jeffrey Wogenstahl, on Ohio’s death row, can take heart from some recent important developments regarding the death penalty:

In Ohio execution dates have been postponed because lethal injection drugs cannot be procured, despite government attempts to shroud execution personnel and procedures in secrecy.  Last week leading Ohio newspapers called for the execution moratorium to be used productively. Even the Columbus Dispatch, previously pro death penalty, was questioning whether the death penalty is “Worth the trouble”. It called for transparency by government in its approach to executions, and added “stifled transparency” to its list of “reasons to consider abandoning the death penalty”. And demanded a full examination of Ohio’s death penalty law:

“Rather than waste time trying to find new sources of lethal-injection drugs — or contemplating alternate forms of execution, such as electrocution, hanging, the gas chamber or even the firing squad, all of which some states have embraced as optional measures  Ohio needs to search its collective soul for the right thing to do.”

We can only agree.

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