Execution Date Stayed!

Wonderful news! The Ohio Supreme Court has today issued the following announcement about Jeffrey Wogenstahl’s case:

1995-0042. State v. Wogenstahl. Hamilton App. No. C-930222. On motion to vacate execution date and to reopen direct appeal. Motion granted. Appellant’s execution date scheduled for September 13, 2017, is hereby stayed pending further order of this court.
O’Donnell, Lanzinger, and Kennedy, JJ., dissent. *

At present the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections still lists Jeff’s execution date as September 13 2017. But we now know that this must be withdrawn. Jeff has no execution date.

This is not the end of the road for Jeff: there is more litigation ahead. But it is a huge and significant step forward. We congratulate Jeff’s lawyers on managing, finally, to convince a court that all was not well with Jeff’s conviction.  

*The announcement can also be read on the Ohio Supreme Court website, under MOTION AND PROCEDURAL RULINGS (page 3).
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