Forensics Report


In March, 2015 Gary Rini, M.F.S, submitted a report on forensic issues in Jeff’s case. His final conclusion was:

“In my nearly forty years of experience in law enforcement and forensic investigation, it is my opinion that the investigation of this case was so deficient in its thoroughness and adherence to established procedures of professional competence that it rates in the top 10% of the most troublesome cases that I have reviewed, or personally have been involved with, since I began my law enforcement career in 1975.”             

Here is Rini’s complete report.*

*Volume 2 of Appendix to Appellant Jeffrey Wogenstahl’s Motion to Remand Case to the Trial Court, filed in the Supreme Court of Ohio, October 7, 2016 – Case No. 2016-0423; Pp 120 -126